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Legal Implications of Non-Compliance

If an accident occurs at a non-compliant workplace, it is possible, even likely, that the employer, person responsible or owner of the workplace will be held legally responsible and could face criminal or civil action for negligence.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 gives fire inspectors and fire officers the authority to inspect your workplace.

Legal Implications - What Are The Potential Impacts?

If Fire Inspectors and Fire Officers feel an infringement of this legislation has occurred, they can:

  • Close down the workplace until action has been taken to rectify the problem, if they believe the infringement of the legislation is serious and dangerous
  • Serve an enforcement notice, which will give a limited period of time (which could be as little as 28 days) to rectify any problems before any further action is taken. Examples are as follows:
    • A residential landlord was sentenced to 4 months imprisonment and fined £21,000 following conviction for serious breaches of the fire legislation
    • A management company of a hotel was fined £25,000 plus costs after pleading guilty to serious breaches of Fire Safety laws
    • A factory owner was fined £52,000 in fines and costs for breaching numerous fire laws o A major food and retail chain was fined £250,000 for a number of Fire Safety failings at 6 of their stores
    • A residential care home provider was ordered to pay £100,000 relating to inadequate fire precautions
    • A nightclub has been fined £41,000 after pleading guilty to 12 Fire Safety offences

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